Major reason why a woman should not enter a temple during her menstruation


  The restrictions during Periods in India which Hindus believe about menstruation is considered to be a myth but is it really a myth or  is there some scientific reasons hidden behind it ? Let us know it in detail through this article . We live in India which is called as the ” capital … Read more

What is the identity of India ?

 KNOW YOUR BHARAT      India’s identity lies in ancient India which was based on pure science . India is a country of diversity .when someone ask ” who are you ” then , usually we start to introduce ourselves with our name and  from where we are or belongs to and possibly our parents … Read more

Significance of rituals in Hindu marriage | Explain step by step

Hindu marriage ( wedding ) is a special bonding between two person’s souls becoming one . It’s not just confined to  two persons but also a  bonding between two families. It’s a moment to become one soul from two When we move outside India ,the meaning of the marriages change.   The auspiciousness through which we see … Read more

Indian cow milk vs Jersey cow milk | Big difference between A1 vs A2 milk

Indian cow

Difference between A1 Milk and A2 Milk The shade of the A2 milk of local cow is somewhat yellowish on account of the presence of carotene . The flavor of the milk is substantially more better than western cows or A1 milk A2 Milk contain conjugated linoleic acid which controls the awful cholesterol and furthermore … Read more

What is Dharma??

Niyoga Practice during Mahabharata period

We always get confused whenever someone asks what is the true meaning of Sanatan Dharma . Simply we call Sanatan Dharma as Dharma or Hinduism . Some says Hinduism ( Dharma ) is the way of life  but we don’t find any clarity in it. Sanatan means which has no end . Its endless . … Read more