scientific reason behind not entering temples during periods

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The restrictions during Periods in India which Hindus believe about menstruation is considered to be a myth but is it really a myth or  is there some scientific reasons behind not entering temples during periods ? Let us know it in detail through this enlightening article .

We live in India which is called as the ” capital of spirituality” . Foreigners come to India to accomplish knowledge of Dharma. Our dharma  believe in light of addressing . A researcher has generally many questions running in their mind  which is normal .

In Mahabharat , Arjuna has posed same questions  again and again in the battlefield of Kurukshetra which were replied by Lord Krishna in various ways with great politeness .

 It’s Sanatan dharma where females are considered as “Shakti” . In that case ,  One question which continuously ring the bell in our mind is that ” Is it truly obvious that during menstruation cycle  , females become impure???

In ancient India there was a tradition of menarche celebration which means celebrating those first five days of a girl who experience menstruation first time in their life . Even today in some part of Karnataka , kerala , some state of north east region like Assam and Manipur still celebrate these five days of girls like a big festival. This menarche celebration is called ” rtu kala samskara “ which is celebrated for around 15-16 days .

After the invasion of Muslims in India , it started to loose its glory . The celebration of menarche came to halt as family became afraid of announcing their girl child puberty . The announcing could harm their child or might be taken by the Muslim rulers .

So , a country whose tradition was to celebrate menstruation as a big festival could feel ashamed of talking about their periods ?  The answer is NO .Talking about menstruation in those days were common among people .Menstruation was considered to be one of the best gift for girls . A very positive sense about menstruation were settled down in the mind of girls so that they never took it as a useless thing .

Let us talk about about some points here which are considered as myth in Modern days . Then , will explained in detail the reason behind those talks .




Scientific reasons behind not entering temples during periods

  • We should not touch the menstruating woman .

During menstruation , a woman body goes through subtle changes . Th atomic and cellular changes in the body of woman during menstruation means a lot for their good health . When a woman menstruates , then their body start to produce more free radicals than usual . In a state of free radicals , the atoms become positive charge and find way to become stable using the electron from the nearby atom . This unstablity can harm the other person internally if they come into the contact of menstruating woman .

So , a menstruating woman are not touched because they are impure but the subtle science behind it stop a person to make a physical contact  with a menstruating woman .

  • Women should not enter temple during menstruation .

Before getting  familiar with it , first we need to comprehend about yugas. There are four Yugas . satya yuga , treta yuga , dwapar yuga and kaliyuga . Satya yuga was the yuga where the most heavenly individuals resided . As we move toward next yugas , our  nature of self acknowledgment get dimnished .

 So to be  tune with divine , the (temples) were made .The structure of  (temples) are made according to Agma shashtras .

 After installing any deity , prana – Prathistha which is need to be done  . Prana – Pratistha is a strategy or rituals where a space or deity is brought into life by saturating (imbuing)prana into it. After that , the divinity turns into a living god , Presence of chaitanyam occurs there .

 Chaiytanyam is the energy which is available in a temple by virtue  of the strategy  or rituals of Prana-Pratistha .And temples structure is considered to be the outward sign of chaityanyam . Temple is built according toVaastu purusha Mandala


By creating the human physiological pattern in a Hindu temple , it become easy  to grow the human awareness (consciousness ), similarly as YOGA do . Our body is replica of the cosmos , and whatever is there in universe , is additionally present in human body. Fundamentally ancient temple help us to connect with cosmos . To know further , we ought to see first ” what is Chakras??? “



 There are numerous intersections in our body where the subtle energy meet and these intersections is called as CHAKRAS . There are basically six Chakras on which sanctuary (temples) impact the human consciousness


  •      Muladhara chakra
  • Swadisthana chakra
  • Manipura chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Ajna Chakra

Muladhara Chakra

Each ancient Hindu temple deals with chakras . The most minimal (lowest) Chakra is ” MULADHARA CHAKRA”.

 Muladhara Chakra deals with Apaan Vaayu. Apaan Vaayu is a force inside us which is liable for all our descending (downward) moving cycle . Like : – flow of the feminine blood , Birthing child , eliminating of wastage from our body  and so forth .

  There are numerous temples which we visit will empowered our specific chakra and free off those infections which is occurred due blockage of that chakra.

 Swadisthana chakra deals with reproductive organs . Furthermore, it additionally works  at Apaan Vaayu .


 During Menstruation Apaan Vaayu is already working in downward direction . When we visit a temple during menstruation and that particular temple have the feature to deal with Muladhara , Swadisthana or Manipura chakra , then it will over trigger the Apaan vaayu which will result in over draining (bleeding) .

 So during non Menstruating time if you visit these temples it will address your period issues since it will work on your apaan vaayu .

 Role of Chakras in our body

                      The another inquiry emerges ” what will  happen if we visit different temples which deals with Anahata , Visuddhi and Ajna chakras during menstruation . In the event that we do that, the descending (downward)moving Apaan Vaayu will be compelled to alter the direction and suddenly  will start to move upwards which can damage your body system in severe manner .

You may like to read about Kamakhya temple who is known as menstruating Goddess👇 :

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 Chakras like  Anahata , Visuddhi and Ajna Chakra works on Prana Vaayu which is for “Moksha” . so , It will turn any remaining vaayu in upward direction which will gravely upset the ladies wellbeing who visit these temples during menstruation period in light of the fact that the bleeding blood stream invert its bearing and it will begin heading into the mid-region and further up . Its turn into an extreme dangerous condition for any lady .

 So , there is saying that don’t mess with the guideline made by the temples since it can unfavorably impact your wellbeing. Guidelines are made not for demeaning on the basis of gender but a science book which are made by great scientists or sages of ancient time who had  ability to connect with cosmos .

 Restriction is not made to discriminate women but for their betterment . Every temple has deity and every deity works on chakras . So , considering temples like some other casual buildings ,  then truly you are messing up with your own health . There are many temples where men are restricted . So can we assume that men are discriminated ? Off course not .

 Our great enlightened being living centuries ago are well mastered in every  field of science . Without “shakti” , a man can’t perform any of his work and women are considered to be ” shaktis” .

We pray our Goddess during Navratri and many other occasion to fulfill our wishes and make us strong . If there are any discrimination existed in our dharma then we are not said to worship goddess . So , be bold for your dharma . Stand for the right thing with proper knowledge so that no one can manipulate you . 

  • A woman should not do heavy excercise and workout during menstruation .

Heavy excercise and workout can increase the bleeding . Even it could damage the uterus badly because during menstruation a woman’s body become too sensitive and delicate .

  • A woman should not enter the kitchen .

To give the rest to the body , woman are suggested to not enter into the kitchen .

  • A woman should avoid taking bath from cold water .

During menstruation , a woman body become high in  “Vata dosha ” . When a woman take cold bath , it actually disturb the ” Vata ” in the body which could result in severe diseases .

  • A woman should avoid eating sour food .

Again intaking of sour food and very spicy food can disturb the ” Tridosha ” of the body which are Vata , pitta and kafa .

  • A woman should not do Puja .
  • A woman should avoid doing their Yoga .

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Frequently asked questions 

What happens if we do puja during periods ?

During Puja , we are in a state in which the Vaayu present in our body start to move upward which can impact women adversely during periods because during period the bleeding happens downwards .

Can a girl go to temples during periods ?

She should avoid going temples during periods because every deity reside in a temple works on some chakras inside our body . And each chakras works on Praan vaayu present in our body . So , when a girl visit a temple during periods then the chakras on which that specific diety of specific temple works on will trigger the chakra and result of that the sudden upward movement of praan vaayu can lead to severe damage to the girl body system.

Why Sabrimala verdict is wrong ?

You can come final conclusion only when you have full knowledge of that particular thing . Passing verdict without having knowledge of that thing can damage the whole society . Supreme court is not a place of worship or presence of that much enlightened mastered who know vedas , Puranas , Hindu scriptures in a subtler way . To pass verdict on such issue , you should have full knowledge of the science behind the exclusion of women in temples . Exclusion is not discrimination . So , the verdict has been punched through the lens of discrimination which is completely wrong according to me .



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