Some interesting facts of Kailash temple of Ellora

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  • The most magnificent Kailash temple ,  cave number 16 (total 32 caves) is built inside Ellora caves  , situated 30 km from the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra ,  India . The Ellora  caves comes under the UNESCO World Heritage site . This temple is also known as Kailashnath Temple .
  • It has been believed that the Kailash temple was built in 700 – 800 CE by Rastrakuta King Krishna I .  He was the successor of dantidurga who defeated Kirtiverma II , Chalukya Prince , who ruled at Badami in the Bijapur district . Except the Shikharam which is dravidian style , everything which is made is in Chalukya Style .  But some argue that there is no evidence of an ascertain  date when it was built .
  • The most  astounding part of this temple is that it is carved out of a single rock and this  Kailash temple is one of the largest Monolithic excavations across the world . Another Masterpiece work of this temple is that the Carving started from the top and slightly went downward in such tough basalt of the sahyadri hills.
  • Kailash temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva . Devotees and visitors used to come here to see the unmatchable artistic view , sculpturist view and implausible rock cut design . These moments of views  can definitely derange your mind .  
  • This temple got the name Kailash like the same Kailash in the Himalayas . As Kailash in the Himalayas  is always covered with white  snow , the same way the Kailash temple of Ellora Caves was once covered with white plasters  .

Architect of Kailash Temple

  • The Kailash  temple has a central temple which has a wide open space of about 25 feet while the main temple faces West .You could see the existence of many pillars in the temple .There are many carvings of Veerabhadra and also of Varha .
  • In one of the carvings ,  you can find Ravana offering his 9 heads to Lord Shiva .
  • In  one carving you can find that Ravana is shaking the Mount Kailash where Lord Shiva Can be found in  absolute blissful mood  while Goddess Parvati is seen holding the hand of Lord Shiva . 
  • There are very fine carvings done on the ceilings of the temple  which depicts the dance of Shiva , in a circle about eight feet in diameter .
  • The length of the Courtyard is 276 feet , breadth is 154 feet  and the height goes up to 100 feet .
  • You will find a monumental tower at the entrance Gate asGopuram “. 
  • As this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva , then you will definitely find Nandi near him . So , in this kailasha Temple ,  the centre is dedicated to Lord Shiva ‘s Nandi  which is known as Nandi Mandapa .
  • Shiva could be seen in “ Garbhagriha “ . As we pass Gopuram , you can find carvings on the left which show Lord Shiva devotees and on the right , Lord Vishnu devotees  .
  • There are various Hindu deities who are carved on the walls of the temple .
  • There are also such carvings which depict the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata . Carvings of the elephants could be seen at the bottom of the temple and it is designed in such a way that it looks like elephants are holding up the entire temple . 
  • There are not many details about this temple on records.  As per the report of Archaeologist , around 400,000 tonnes of waste scooped out of this temple and duration to build this temple was 18 years .

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If we go through this logic ,  then the most critical situation we can take is that the engineers who had made this temple had been working for more than 12 to 13 hours without any single break . Even this critical  situation is not justifying the work of engineers and the artists . Even in this modern period of time it looks impossible to do it  so again the question arises how did they do it . 

In 1682 ,  Aurangzeb employed  thousands of his armies to demolish the temple . Only minimal damage has been done to this temple after the act of demolishing the temple for three years  by  thousands of people which gave Aurangzeb a clear indication that demolishing this temple is not possible . 


Kailash Temple Mystery

When you see this temple from a  social point of view ,then we consider the time when it was made ? the environment in which the maker designed this whole temple ? What would have been the scenario of  the people living at that period of time ? 

If something is sculpted on the walls of a temple ,  then certainly that people living in that period would have followed those things  otherwise why would they make it . 

In today’s time if we make temples , buildings  then we must use cement bricks, chemicals and technologies which we use in today’s life .

In the same way ,  the people who had created this unmatchable temple would have the most artistic skill because without having the startler skill no one can imagine of erecting such a temple .

The greatest thing which they needed to be taken care of  was testing the quality of the rock  out of which the temple would be created , Calculating in advance what would be cut out of it  and what would remain there as a temple .

There was not even a single possibility of turning the stone from here to there in making this kind of temple so even a centimetre unit of mistake is enough to ruin the whole temple .

The artistic design which we see on the ceilings of the temple compel us to think how they did it . Working for such a long time by lying on the  back where there was full possibility of falling down the particles of rock in the eyes .

Is alien Technology used in Kailash Temple

The first thing which we need to understand here is what “ alien” actually means . When you Google it ,then it gives you a simple definition  of “  a creature that comes from another planet “  or extraterrestrial life referred to as alien life .

According to Hindu scriptures everything that is outside your body or in space is  in your body too . Everything which exists in this space is nothing but energy and energy can transfer from one form to another form with so many techniques which are used by the ancient sages and gurus .

They had mastery in these techniques . So energizing the rocks from different Mantra and  techniques must have been used to perform this  phenomenal act . 

 Some people can argue that this can’t be possible and this is just a fake claim . These people must have to understand that today  our body has lost the power of self realisation which is one of the basic thing to perform this kind of act . 

Even now you can find many enlightened Gurus and masters who have mastery in energizing the materials. But this is not enough to perform such a big task of making such temples . There are many more things which are required to do it .

If that was not the case then how Hindus used to worship nine planets since thousands  of years ago . 

So to build  this kind of temple , Alien is a wrong word to interpret . To have supernatural power , you don’t need to be an alien but must have the mastery in connecting with the cosmos which can give you power to control the materialistic world .  

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