Archeological evidence of the excavated Rakhigarhi site

Rakhigarhi excavation

         Brief Introduction The excavation site  at Rakhigarhi , Haryana, India is the earliest civilization of South Asia which flourished around 3000 to 4000 BCE. It is one of the five largest archaeological sites of the Harappan civilization. The first  enlarged data was published by Suraj Bhan in 1969 AD in which he recorded mature … Read more

Top10 the most destructive weapons used in Mahabharata war

Supernatural weapons of Mahabharata war

The weapons of Mahabharata war were of spectacular and of rare characters which can’t be understood easily with a confined mindset. The Mahabharata war is the most Epic War ever fought in the world history. It was a war between Pandava and Kaurava for the shake of protecting Dharma . The war was so dreadful that … Read more

Know the importance of ancient education system in India

ancient education system of India

As it is known to the world that ancient education system in India was the most advanced education which was comprised of Mathematics , Samkhya, Veda, Itihasa, Purana, Nirghandu ( dictionary ), nigama , chandas, astrology , vyakaran , Yogam, Vaiseshikam, Hetuvidya, Kavyam, humor, Sakunathraya ( sounds of birds ) and many other subjects which … Read more

Why was Kurma avatar taken |Significance and Jayanti 2023

Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu

Introduction When we go through the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu , we become curious to know why these Avatars are taken. Especially more curious to know about  “ why was Kurma avatar taken “ because the story of the churning of ocean milk ( samudra manthan )  really fascinates the common people towards itself.  … Read more

The remarkable Virupaksha temple information | History and architect

Virupaksha Temple

Brief Introduction Shiva is the manifestation of Oneness and this could be clearly understood through “Virupaksha temple information” . So let us dive deep into the interesting history of Virupaksha temple of Vijaynagar empire , amazing architect and darshan timing . Virupaksha Temple is situated in Hampi village, Karnataka and located at the foot of … Read more

Who is Vishwakarma and what he created ? | Hindu Architect God & Jayanti 2023

Lord Vishwakarma

Introduction In this spiritual and intuitive article, we will discuss about “who is vishwakarma and what he created . He is worshiped all around India with great reverence. Vishwakarma is the God of architect who created the Murtis (idol) of God and Goddess and also the weapons which they carried with themselves . He also … Read more

Bhaskara II – Invention of great mathematician of 12th century


The great Bhaskara II or Bhaskaracharya invented the systematic use of decimal numbers system 600 years before the calculus of Newton and Leibnitz , gave the theory of infinity ,he had worked at the differential coefficient and had solved the problem   67 x2 + 1 = Y2 ( y square ) , he had given a deep … Read more

Stunning ancient history of Takshashila University

Ancient Takshashila university

Brief Introduction In this article , you will experience the most detailed and the most valuable history of world’s oldest Takshashila university which was once the great center of learning for Hindus as well as for Buddhist . According to some sources , it is dated back to at least 7th century BCE or much … Read more

Guliga daiva of Kantara | Thrilling history and rare facts explained

Guliga daiva

Guliga Daiva of ‘ Kantara ‘ is the living tradition of worshipping stone in Tulu Nadu and Udupi district of Karnataka and also some parts of Kerala . This is the tradition which passes on generation to generation orally . Guliga of Kantara is the spirit of Daiva who comes on the planet earth by … Read more

Dwarka :excavation of Krishna’s lost city in India | archeological evidence

Introduction Dwarka is situated at a point where the river Gomati meets the western sea or the arabian sea which was once called as Sindh sagar in Gujrat . This meet-up point in Sanskrit is known as “ Dronimukha “ .   Present Dwarka is one of the epic centres of vaishnavas in India . Dwarkadhish temple … Read more

Amazing history of Parshuram | Surprising facts all you need to know

Lord Parshuram

Who is Parshuram Parshuram is the sixth Avatar (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu and was one who obtained the axe from Lord Shiva after deep penance and wrote Dhanurveda which talks about the intense science of fighting a war . He was the possessor of many divyastra ( supernatural weapons ) which he got from Shiva … Read more

Science and technology in ancient India | Great Indian sages

Indian scientists and their inventions in science

During the Vedic period India that is Bharat  was once the core center of science and technology . Indian scientists and their inventions in science aren’t new things for India . Great sages of India had the great ability of connecting with the cosmos . When someone got connected with the cosmos it revealed the … Read more

How was Nalanda university born | First Buddhist academic

Ruins of Nalanda University

Introduction Nalanda was the first most ancient Buddhist university or Mahavira in history of India located about 95 km southeast of Patna in Bihar where people from all around the world came to this center of learning to gain the ocean of knowledge from highly regarded acharyas and professors . Nalanda is prominently mentioned in … Read more

Mention of Niyoga practice and tissue culture in Mahabharata

surrogacy and childbirth technology of ancient India

Introduction Niyoga Pratha is an ancient practice of having sex without involving pleasure to continue the lineage which was performed by someone in case when the husband of a woman or man died earlier without having any child . One of the great example of Niyoga practice were the birth of Pandu and Dhritrashatra. There … Read more

Historical background of Pushpak Vimana in ramayana| real or myth

Ancient Vimana

Introduction ” Vimana ” not mere a word but compiling whole science in it which is not an easy task to digest or to understand .The same way , India is not just a country of diversity but also a country of a mysterious world. Like : –  mysterious individual ,  mysterious ancient Temples, mysterious … Read more

    Interesting facts of Edakkal Caves of kerala

Edakkal caves

India is considered to be the most ancient Culture of human civilization and edakkal Caves is one of those pieces of evidence which tells us the story of human civilization Which started around 8000 BCE or  beyond that . Edakkal Caves is situated 10 km away from the main town ,  Sulthan Bathery  of Wayanad … Read more

Pottery of Indus valley civilization | excavation and discovery

Pottery of Indus valley civilization

Brief Introduction The carbon dating Of Indus Valley Civilization revealed that this civilization is much older than 8000 BCE which clearly debunks the theory of invasion by Aryans . Indus valley civilization is the most ancient civilization all over the world .India that is Bharat is much more ancient than what we imagine today . … Read more

Top 6 most famous ancient Martial arts in India

Martial arts in India

Brief Introduction Martial arts in India is much older than what we imagine .India is  beautifully defined as a country of cultural heritage and Martial arts . We are living in a country where common people of India know thousands of years of ancient knowledge through the lens of  western talk . Martial art is … Read more

scientific reason behind not entering temples during periods


  The restrictions during Periods in India which Hindus believe about menstruation is considered to be a myth but is it really a myth or  is there some scientific reasons behind not entering temples during periods ? Let us know it in detail through this enlightening article . We live in India which is called … Read more