Complete Maratha History

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You must be eager to know how the great Marathas empire started and also about all those major warriors who sacrificed themselves for securing the motherland from foreign invaders like Islamic invasion , Portuguese and the British establishment . And here, also get to know how the British took the empire of the Marathas in their hands and ruined everything .

  1. How the father of Shivaji Maharaj took the battle against Mughal empire and other Sultanate of India .
  2. Origin of Marathas and how was their social life before emerging as a great Marathas empire
  3. How difficult was the life of the mother of Shivaji ” Rajmata Jijabai ” and how Shivaji was raised ?
  4. How little Shivaji Maharaj was raised by his tutor , Dadoji Kondadev , who was also a great administrator of his time
  5. How Shivaji became the king and founded Maratha empire
  6. What great impacts Samarth Ramdas , Guru of Shivaji ” had on Shivaji ? what were their stories ?
  7. Great Military strength of Marathas | Shivaji’s strategy
  8. 16 interesting facts about the founder of Marathas empire that you must know
  9. How after the death of Sambhaji and Rajaram , Maharani Tarabai took the reign of the kingdom in her hand and brought the legacy of Marathas to its highest peak.
  10. How Shahuji , son of Sambhaji Maharaj , started the Peshwa Padshahi and Bajirao I became the great warrior who ruled and roared like a king in India .
  11. The History of the great warrior of Maratha ” Malhar Rao Holkar “
  12. Ahilyabai Bai Holkar who was widely known for her service of restoring the destructed temples of India and how she managed the administratation of her kingdom
  13. Why Marathas lost the third battle of Panipat against Afghani king Ahmad Shah Abdali ( Durrani )
  14. How Peshwa Madhav Rao I became the king of the resurrection of the Marathas empire after loosing third battle of Panipat in 1761 AD
  15. How the great chief-commander ” Mahadji Shinde ” uphold the Maratha empire till 1794
  16. How after the death of Mahadji Shinde , the Maratha empire started to loose their ground and finally taken over by the British .
  17. How the great and dynamic king of Indore ” Yashwant Rao Holkar ” in early 19th century single-handedly fought battle with the British .