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Ambila dharma is here to present you what today’s people need the most . Learning of past which can make your future . Having knowledge about Indian history , Temple ,  ancient history not just give you the knowledge but tell you how great Bharat was . I want to share my knowledge to everyone who are unaware of all these terms .  As we are living in India ,  its compulsory to know for what India stand for . And also have the knowledge about what’s going around the world through the lens of India . 

People are becoming more and more ignorant about their health .That is the reason people are suffering from a lot of uncommon diseases  which are  sometimes incurable .The  kind of lifestyle they are going through has made them sick . My website Is here to provide them a path to live their life without suffering from any diseases .Our ancient India had a great treasure of ” How to live a social life ” in the form of Puranas , upnishad and what not .Our ancient culture is not just about do’s and don’t but it’s a culture of pure science .

History of India

Religion has become one of the critical parts in anyone’s life .  Now-a-days we are seeing that many of the people are suffering from the Clash between the communities and also we have very little knowledge about our religion .  I am here to provide a deep knowledge about what’s going on in the country through the lens of religion and politics .  and also talks about temples and all Indian scriptures which can aware  your consciousness . 

If we want to to correct our future then we should have  the knowledge of our past Otherwise we are not able to distinguish between what steps should be taken to protect our future .  our past can give a way to build our future .  so Indian history is essential part of of India which can  not be ignored . If we want a a beautiful country  then we have to dig the past .  so we must have the knowledge of our past so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again in future . I am all here to provide the knowledge of our  history from the primary sources so  you can have an idea where the country should go .

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