Kumbh Mela – world Greatest sprititual Mela.

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 What is Kumbh Mela 

 First let us start with the word ” Kumbh” of Kumbh Mela . Kumbh  refers to a jar of water . This word has been used since ancient times . Another meaning is that which filled the earth with water .  In sanskrit , Kumbh means ” kalash” . During puja mantra of Kalash it’s been said that Vishnu rest at the mouth of kalash , Shiva at its neck , Brahma located in the base . Mother goddess at its middle portion . 

                  Kumbh Mela is held at an interval of  12 years at four places . Haridwar in Uttarakhand ( Ganga) , Prayaga in Uttar Pradesh ( confluence of Ganga,Yamuna and Sarswati), Nashik in Maharashtra ( Godavari) , Ujjain on the banks of Shipra river .  The Mela is celebrated when a specific astronomical combination of the Moon , the Sun , and the Jupiter occurs in specific Zodiac ( rashi) signs.  
As we know , the Moon takes around one month ( 27. 32 days) to orbit the earth   during which it transits through the 12 signs . The Sun transits transits through the 12 signs in approx one year ( 365. 2425 days ) , the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun .
Now , Jupiter takes 12 years ( 11. 8618years ) to transits the 12 signs , the time taken by the jupiter to orbit the sun . So , the Jupiter takes 12 times that of the sun and this is being repeated after every 12 years . That is why we celebrate Kumbh Mela at every 12 years . 

        Who is center of Kumbh Mela     

                    Sadhus are someone who have renounced their families . This Mela is also an opportunity to meet these sadhus and know about their life . These sadhus have power of manifestation . 

There are different Akharas which comes to this Mela .

  • Mahanirvani Akhara 
  • Atala Akhara
  • Niranjani Akhara 
  • Ananda Akhara
  • Juna Akhara
  • Avahana Akhara  and many more


Why Kumbh Mela is called the greatest event of the world ?


People in the Kumbh Mela are of three categories .One is visitors ,  aspirants  and Sadhus .Sadhu is such a pious  word that there is no parallel meaning for it in the English dictionary . Comedy with present Sadhu with the name saint , sages  but these words are with much lesser meaning than what sadhu stands for . 

The men and women who visited there are mostly attracted by bathing at the Confluence of three rivers Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati (  this river dried up much before 1500 BCE ) . And secondly attracted by the supernatural powers of Sadhu who take the auspicious bath at the confluence . These enlightened beings used to live in mountains and do a deep penance .

The great Chinese Traveller-historian “ Hiuen Tsang “ Who came to India in 7th century ,  witnessed this magnificent religious festival at Prayag , for he had left the graphic account of it . He writes that half a million people gathered at the Kumbh Mela which lasted for 75 days  . Different sects of people come  to this pious religious occasion to experience the greatness of this festival . 

Bhagwan Shankaracharya played an important role in making this occasion a grand occasion . The very first name which comes in our mind whenever the topic arise of reviving Hinduism in India .  At the time when he was born ,  Buddhism was at its peak level in India . 



He became an enlightened being at a very young age . He was well versed  in all scriptures of  Hinduism .  Whether its Vedas ,Puranas or Upanishad . Vedanta is written by  Shankaracharya . He is the one who established for  well known monasteries : Jyotirmath in the north ,  Sringeri Mutt in the south ,  Govardhan Mutt in the East ,  and  Sharada Mutt in the west .  In every monastery ,  a nominated head who will  guide the Sadhus under his charge . 

They were encouraged to assemble regularly in the Kumbh Mela . This is one of the biggest contributions by Shankaracharya to Sanatana Dharma . 

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Kumbh Mela is one of the best places to experience and to have the glory of talking to enlightened beings.  This is the place where you can have the glimpse of what Hinduism is and how it functions and what is the principle of Hinduism.

You need to have a broader mind to understand the meaning of tirtha in sanatan dharma  because many times ,  you have to go beyond your logic to experience something in your life. Kumbh Mela is one such place . One can understand the sacredness of Kumbh Mela only when he/she has the tendency of acceptance of the simple  faith of devotees . 

When a devotee surrenders himself/ herself to the Cosmos or the God  for the experience of the ultimate truth , he/she  wins to a sense of liberation  which is beyond the comprehension of the so-called elite classes whose whole argument ends up with just logic . They don’t want to see the broader picture which is beyond logic because of their ignorance .  


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