Aryan Invasion Theory debunked

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As we all know that , India is a country which is known for its ancient  civilization but there is a theory which say that we are not native to ” Bharat ” . We are outsiders . YES .. that is ” Aryan Invasion Theory ” . According to this theory , India’s culture , its civilization , and off course Sanskrit language are all foreign to origin . But to prove it all , facts are needed .

Islamic Invasion

Let me take you back  , before Islamic Invasion , We had WORLD’S best universities . Like Nalanda University , Takshila University , Vikramshila University , Sharda peeth , Puspgiri and many more .Outsiders used to come in these universities and after gaining enough knowledge , they spread it in their native countries . But these all universities get burnt by Islamic Invaders and all turned into ashes . Nothing left behind . All recorded datas get burnt with Universities .

This is like , all of a sudden all the servers , backup servers of search engines get destroyed and nothing left  . It’s like a curse on  young generation  . This   is what happened to us after ISLAMIC INVASION . we lost all sources of knowledge .

Myth of Aryan Invasion Theory

After Islamic Invasion , the only way the native transfer their history to the next generation was orally but when British came to India they started to tell that these things are false and shut them so that no further transfer of knowledge could happen and this made India’s situation in much  worse condition  but the good part which supported India was its SCRIPTURES AND VEDAS .

When Europeans  scholars like ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER , HERN WILHELN VON HUMBOLDT studied our scriptures and vedas , they were highly influenced , they started to praise India in Public which was a shock or unsuitable for Britishers because they wanted to rule India . SO , they wanted to find some loopholes through which they can show India as a backward country .

And after years of Research , they found in 16th century that the languages of India is much similar with Persian, Europeans and with other country’s languages. So , they came up with the idea of INDO – EUROPEAN Language which evolved from a common source that was spoken by the people who came from different homeland .This was the first step towards claiming  Aryan invasion theory .They wanted us to feel ashamed of ourselves that we are invaders and after destroying native people we resided here and ruled India.

 when did Aryans came to India according to Aryan Invasion Theory

According to Aryan invasion theory , Nomadic Aryan came to India in 1500 BCE . Nomadic means people who travel around , settle in a Place for sometimes and then again move to another place and whenever they find some resist from some native people , they destroy them .

So , there is a big reason behind choosing 1500 BCE as Aryan Invasion . As per Biblical Chronology , the WORLD was created in 4000 BCE And 2500 BCE Was the time of Noah’s flood . So according to this chronology , Aryan Invasion  was impossible before 2500 BCE . And that was the reason they chose the time frame of 1500 BCE.

Theory started of DRAVIDIANS .

When Aryans came to India , they started to destroy Native Indians which according to AIT are called as Dravidians . and they were dark- skinned people while Aryans were light-skinned  people. Here they came up with the word ” racism” .and how Aryans oppressed Dravidians on the basis of “racism”  .

According to them , Dravidians are native to India who live in south and people living in north are invaders or Aryans .But surprisingly when genetic test were completed by doctors they found that people living in north and south have same genes. Isn’t it funny.?? Aryans spoke Sanskrit , imposed Hinduism on native people , and one of the biggest blunder the fake historian did with themselves , was they told that VEDAS were written by Aryans by 1200 BCE . 

         Do  VEDAS  talk  about Aryan Invasion Theory ???

When someone conquered any country , the first thing they do , is  making records of their victory but surprisingly there is no mention of these kinds of victory in Vedas by Aryans . when  invaders enter into any country with purpose of conquering , then it’s natural that native will resist and warfare will happen .

we all have seen that but again there is no sign of warfare during 1500 BCE . All famous archeologists haven’t found even a single evidence that any warfare had happened during that time . So once again they twisted the narrative by saying  NO.. NO.. It was not a invasion but it was a migration of Aryans to India .

We all have heard  the name of river ” Sarswati ” . As per Archeology fieldwork ,which has verified that river Sarswati existed at one time which was 7 km wide and flowed down from Himalaya , across the RAJASTHAN desert into the ocean . And they have also found that  the river get dried up around 1900 BCE .” Rigveda” has mentioned river Sarswati multiple times .

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  As per AIT , Vedas were written in 1200 BCE . So , the big question arises is that how is it possible for anyone to write about something which get dried up in 1900 BCE in 1500 BCE  with so much clarity???? . 

There are many evidence which are now available which clearly prove that Aryan Invasion Theory is just a narrative set by Britishers or people living outside India to brush up the truth and change the mindset of young generation to hate their own culture and tradition .

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