Mystical secrets of Kamakhya temple you should know

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Brief Introduction

In this enlightening article we will go through the mystery of Kamakhya temple which is going to boost up your energy level to its peak . Kamakhya temple is the temple of Goddess Kamakhya which is the incarnation of Mata Sati .

Kamakhya temple is the most popular temple of Guwahati ,  Assam which is situated at Nilachal Hills next to the Brahmaputra river . According to Hindu Scriptures , this is the place where the womb and Yoni of Ma sati fell down which later became the most prominent Shaktipeeth among 51 Shaktipeeths of India .

Every year the temple celebrates Ambubachi Mela with great exhilaration on the belief that Goddess Kamakhya menstruates or bleed for three days in the month of June . In these three days the water of Brahmaputra river turns red . Bleeding for three days named her the bleeding Goddess .

Kamakhya temple is full of mystery which needs to be understood from scientific as well as spiritual level which cross the boundary of your physical existence to give you an experience of different dimensions .

Kamakhya temple is also widely famous for its Tantric practices . These three days in which Kamakhya Devi menstruates considered to be the most powerful days for Tantra practices . I have discussed it in detail in my below article .

Let us start to decode the mystery of Kamakhya temple . Before decoding these mystery , one must have the knowledge of the background history of Kamakhya temple . Though it has originated in Satyuga , the temple of Kamakhya Devi was built by Ahom king Gadadhar Singh “ in 1681 AD -1696 AD . Three parts of kamakhya temple region is surrounded by mountains while one part is by river . Here Sati is worshipped as goddess Kamakhya and Lord Shiva as Umananda .

Goddess Kamakhya Devi temple story

Now let us  go through the story which narrates how Kamakhya temple came into existence . 

According to the Puranic story , Daksh Prajapati married his daughter Sati, personification of the divine energy , to Shiva after intervention of Lord Brahma . Daksha wasn’t happy of marrying his daughter to Shiva whom he considered a roaming ascetic lived in cremation ground . So, to insult Shiva , he organized a Yagya and consciously invited everyone except Shiva . When Sati heard about his father going to do a grand Yagya ,  she requested Shiva to give her permission to attend that Yagya. Shiva knew it better that Raja Daksh didn’t like him so didn’t invite either Sati or him in the Yagya . So , he didn’t give permission to Sati to go but Sati somehow took the permission and reached the place . Mata Sati departed the Kailasha on a golden Rath adorned with ten thousand lions and made Nandi as her Sharthi .

When she reached to attend Yagya  ,  Daksha started mocking Shiva . Wasn’t able to bear the insult of his husband Shiva , Sati took her massive Avtar of Mahakali and created Chaya- Sati and herself interluded . Chaya-Sati then entered into the sacrificial fire (Yagyakund or Agni ) and self-immolated to destroy the Yagya . She was able to destroy crores of Daksha but to maintain the dignity of his father , she created Chaya-Sati .

When Shiva got the news from Naradji , he went into immense grief and from his wrath , Veerbhadra was created . He killed Daksha Prajapati and took the body of Sati and started to roam into the cosmic world . Lord Vishnu knew it better that Shiva’s anger  could destroy the whole world so to reduce the pain of Shiva he started to cut the body of Sati through his Sudarshan Chakra and forced Shiva  to let go of it .

From that way ,51 body parts of Sati fell down on the Earth and all those parts became 51 shakti peethas . Among these Shakti peethas , according to Kalika Puran Kamakhya is the place where the “ Yoni “ of Mata Sati fell down . In all those Shakti-Peethas , Lord Shiva is also installed in the form of Bhairav . In Kamakhya temple , he is installed in the form of Umanand-Bhairav .

Who is goddess Kamakhya

Kamakhya temple is one of the most prominent Shaktipeeth among 51 Shakti Peeth of Sati where according to Kalika Purana , the Yoni (vagina ) of sati fell down . “ Kama “ means Materialistic Desires .

Goddess Kamakhya is the one who fulfils worldly desires of a person and gives him Mukti . Mukti means freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and death . She is known as Kameshwari who is won by Brahma ,Vishnu  and Mahesh .

She is the Kali or Mahakali , Tripurasundari , Kameshwari or Dasa Maha Vidyas and also the source of all her manifestation .  That’s why she is not represented as a Murti in Kamakhya Temple but as a “ Yoni “ Which is the source of all the forms of Devi.

There is a rule that before visiting Kamakhya Devi Temple ,  one must first visit  Umananda temple . And this is because one  can have control on his/her  worldly desires . Umananda Temple reduced  materialistic desires  to a minimum and pushes the person on a path which is pious  so that when someone visits Kamakhya Temple he/she only desires for the things which are actually necessary in their life . 

Umananda temple is located in the river island of Brahmaputra which is around 8 km away from the Kamakhya Temple .There is a “ Saubhagya Kund “  near this Shaktipeeth which is considered to be a Pious “Kund”  and whoever do Parikrama of this Kund get the placings of Devi Maa .

These temples are not just a building but a energy place which actually works on our Chakras  and according to Ayurveda chakras are the base of our life . 

This temple belongs to Kamakhya Devi where there is no Murti but a “ Yoni “ like structure Which is worshipped . According to Kalika Puran ,  this is the place where the Yoni of Sati fell down  when Shiva was carrying her . 

Yoni, which is worshipped here, is considered to be the powerhouse of energy and creation .

Iconography of Kamakhya Devi

As one enters the Sanctum of the Kamakhya temple , he/she  gets Darshan of Murtis .  These murtis are considered to be the murtis of Saraswati , Lakshmi , Tripurasundari with Ma Kamakhya .

 Ma Kamakhya of Kamakhya temple is shown with  6 faces ,  12 hands and she is on a lotus rising from the navel of Shiva  who lies inert like a corpse .This represents that Shakti is the most prominent than all others .  Even Shiva is behaving like a corpse without Shakti . 

Let us understand it through an example . Take a molecule whose electrons are separated from it .  As we all know that when the electrons are separated , the molecule becomes neutral . It reacts only when there is presence of electrons in its outer shell . This is how Shiva and Shakti are related to each other . 

There is another beautiful sculpture of Devi Lakini with three heads sculpted against one of the wall . She is one of the manifestation of shakti who is fond of meat ( non-veg) . She likes to eat meat with rice and perhaps she is the reason behind sacrifice of animals . There is scienctific and religious approach behind this sacrifice .

Hinduism believe in incarnation and rebirth . A person next life is decided by his/her karma . Getting the human form is the only way to attain mukti . Even devatas had to take birth in human form to attain mukti . The sacrifice which is performed in kamakhya temple is based on this rebirth . The sacrifice animal get higher form in the next life which become the reason to attain mukti . Sometimes it has been seen that some animal by himself come forward to get sacrificed which is very mystical .

There are many great enlightened gurus till now existing who have remembrance of their many past life which gives a green signal to this sacrifice . There is a specific reason behind every rituals in Hinduism which connect us with the cosmos .

Yoni worship in Kamakhya temple

Though there is no Murti in the temple but a “ Yoni “ ( Vagina ) of Sati which is worshipped . Local women of the temple and women devotees used to say that after visiting this temple their severe problems associated with fertility get resolved . Yoni is considered to be the universal mother who blessed her child with all worldly desires . 

Yoni ( vagina ) is the most sacred part of the body from where the creation of the universe took place .  In Kaliyuga , Yoni or Vagina word is being used in a very loose sense .

The only thing which comes into mind when someone hears  the word Yoni is lust and sex . But the real meaning of Yoni  is completely different from what we as humans in kaliyuga think of . 

The great rishis and many kings of India were called Brahmachari  though they had more than one child because they had understood the real meaning of Yoni . Yoni Should be used for the creation not for getting imbibed into lust and sex . 

There is nothing  more  auspicious than worshipping Yoni  which is the base of the creation .


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Ambubachi Mela or festival

Ambubachi Mela is very popular religious festive in north east . People from all over the state came here to celebrate the festival of bleeding goddess .

Kamakhya temple is famous for the kind of belief that Kamakhya Devi menstruate for 4 days  every year and these four days are celebrated as a grand festival which is known as Ambubachi . 

Ambubachi Mela

On those four consecutive days ,  every business  , farms , all temples  are shut down  and the whole market goes in silence as the Ma Kamakhya Devi  herself is on rest during her menstrual Phase . The festival of Ambubachi started from 21st/22nd June to 24th/25th of June . 

Inside the Sanctum of the Kamakhya temple ,  there is perennial underground spring which keeps the Yoni which is around 1.5 feet length and one feet in breadth moist throughout  the year .

But during the Ambubachi the water from her Yoni gets turned into red . Many devotees fill this water  in a bottle and drink it as it is said that this water cures all kinds of problems .

Women who are in their periods should not visit the temple because this temple of Kamakhya devi directly activates the Swadhisthana chakra which is the reason for periods . As you are already in your period , the activation of Swadhisthana chakra will cause heavy bleeding and harmful impacts on your body .It can even lead to severe critical diseases . So , visit the temple only when you are not in your periods .

When a woman visit this temple when they are not in their periods , the Swadhisthana chakra starts to activate and remove all kinds of menstruation problems a woman is suffering from . This is how the mystical energy of this temple works and cure the problem of their devotees .

The water of the river Brahmaputra turns red because of the belief that during the month of June , the Goddess Kamakhya menstruate for three days and during these three days the water of the underground spring in Garbhagriha turns red .

When we logically try to understand this story then definitely we will end up  with mocking the culture  but someone who has gone through the experience of Maa Kamakhya will never deny that  Maa Kamakhya is the real menstruating goddess and there is immense Shakti in her . 

Women who have gone there and experienced this great  ambubachi mela have seen significant changes in their menstruation cycle . It almost seen that that their menstruation started to sync with Maa Kamakhya .One of the main reason of visiting this temple is getting Mukti , worldly desires and Women who are suffering from infertility get booned by Kamakhya Devi with a child . 

Kamakhya devi temple

Now let us Understand it through the scientific perspective .

When a female body goes through the Menstruation  , then Vata dosha and Pitta Dosha automatically go higher or on their peak in a normal body .

Women who are in good health and Have a significant knowledge of their menstruation cycle  must have noticed that just before the phase of Dakshinayana ( which starts from the summer solstice ) , their menstrual cycle undergoes a shift . If someone’s menstrual cycle was occuring close to the new moon before the summer solstice , then it will shift to the full moon after the solstice and vice versa . 

During mid May to mid July , Grishma ritu is  seen all over India . This is the Ritu when Agni and Vayu are on all time high which resembles with the environment of the female body during menstruation when Vata Dosha and Pitta Dosha are on all time high .

This is not just symbolic representation but it has a great impact on the menstruation cycle on the female body which I have mentioned in the above paragraph . 

So Kamakhya temple is not just symbolic in nature but it really impacts the menstruation for betterment . The Ambubachi festival is also celebrated at the time when Agni and Vayu are at an all time high, that is 21st june . 

The red cloths of kamakhya temple after menstruation are received by devotees because this piece of red cloth has significant importance for every individual who go there . Devotees ready to pay any high amount to receive this red cloth of Ma kamakhya .

  • People who receive it with high gratitude can get healed from their fertility problem and is blessed with a child .
  • Even couple who are suffering from miscarriage get boon from Ma Kamakhya with a baby .
  • Get rid off all unwanted desires and have peace in their life .

It is available in the rock crystal form which is one of the most demanding spiritual thing in the temple complex .

  • It brings good luck and prosperity in the life .
  • Using Kamya Sindoor can protect you from black magic and evil spirits or negative energies .
  • It protects you from your enemies .
  • It enhance your spiritual consciousness and help you attaining the right path for success in your life
  • It Prevents unwanted divorce and fight between couples and family .
  • It is used in Tantras for attaining Mukti and higher state of consciousness .

Tantra practices in Kamakhya temple – Black magic

Tantra is a pure science which is used to attain the super consciousness or to dissolve with the divine by following a certain path which seems to be unethical or disdainful . People who think black magic is practices then they should go through below explanation .

There’s no word like “ impure “ that exists in the path of tantra .Logic on which our social life goes through has no roots when someone goes through tantra . It doesn’t mean that what they are doing is wrong .

It is just the path which they have chosen to attain the superconsciousness or to attain mukti and it is beyond our logic or beyond the sense of right and wrong. 

A path for Tantra starts when a person becomes free from the chain of scornfulness . And reciting mantras during the process of tantras is the major part which invokes the energy of the Shakti (  divine being )  and makes the process successful .

Kamakhya temple is widely famous  as a menstruating goddess . When a woman menstruates ,she breaks the cycle of birth and rebirth which means a life not being created . And this is the power which women get when they  menstruate .

Now we all can imagine the power when Kamakhya devi menstruates . When Ma Kamakhya menstruates, her power to dissolve creation is at its highest peak .And this is certainly the reason why tantrik used to gather here when Ma Kamakhya Devi menstruates.

It’s the best time for tantrik to perform tantra and attain mukti from the cycle of birth and death because this is the period when the power of Ma Kamakhya to dissolve the creation of life is at its highest peak . 

Tantra is a process which needs to be studied deeply before passing any judgement on it . 

Benefits of visiting Kamakhya temple

  • One can attain mukti and free from the cycle of birth and death .
  • Any kind of menstruating problems ( PCOD ) a woman is suffering from will get completely vanished after visiting this mystical temple. Even infertility get resolved when you visit .
  • A tantric who wants to attain mukti through tantric practices can attain it during the time of Ambubachi Mela .
  • Consuming holy water which flow near the feet of Garbhagriha can give you ultimate peace in your life and will remove your sufferings .

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