Archeological evidence of the excavated Rakhigarhi site

Rakhigarhi excavation

         Brief Introduction The excavation site  at Rakhigarhi , Haryana, India is the earliest civilization of South Asia which flourished around 3000 to 4000 BCE. It is one of the five largest archaeological sites of the Harappan civilization. The first  enlarged data was published by Suraj Bhan in 1969 AD in which he recorded mature … Read more

Dwarka :excavation of Krishna’s lost city in India | archeological evidence

Introduction Dwarka is situated at a point where the river Gomati meets the western sea or the arabian sea which was once called as Sindh sagar in Gujrat . This meet-up point in Sanskrit is known as “ Dronimukha “ .   Present Dwarka is one of the epic centres of vaishnavas in India . Dwarkadhish temple … Read more

Pottery of Indus valley civilization | excavation and discovery

Pottery of Indus valley civilization

Brief Introduction The carbon dating Of Indus Valley Civilization revealed that this civilization is much older than 8000 BCE which clearly debunks the theory of invasion by Aryans . Indus valley civilization is the most ancient civilization all over the world .India that is Bharat is much more ancient than what we imagine today . … Read more