Indian cow milk vs Jersey cow milk | Big difference between A1 vs A2 milk

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Difference between A1 Milk and A2 Milk

  • The shade of the A2 milk of local cow is somewhat yellowish on account of the presence of carotene .
  • The flavor of the milk is substantially more better than western cows or A1 milk
  • A2 Milk contain conjugated linoleic acid which controls the awful cholesterol and furthermore keep up normal  pulse  rate.
  • It additionally contain Vitamin A , B also C which is required for body . Native cows  is really gainful in getting a wide range of nutritious worth in human body while A1 milk contains A1 protein , beta casomorphine and B7 which are liable for heart infections , high circulatory strain , gastrointestinal , sensitivity , type 1 diabetes , bulging , heart sicknesses . It can likewise prompt unprecedented sicknesses . So , individuals presently have begun to understand the inconveniences of taking western variety cows milk and benefits of taking A2 milk which they get from local Indian cows .
  •  A2 milk contain protein and A2 Beta casein which are really great for human assimilation and prevents numerous illnesses . There is absence of BCM 7 which is responsible for diabetes and heart sicknesses . High Omega 6 fatty acid , fat loss, boosting the immunity , maintain the cholesterol and numerous uncountable medical advantages should have been visible from taking A2 milk .

On Global level

In India , milk of Indian cow breed is the most famous not just in India but worldwide . Everyone wants to consume Indian cow milk over Jersey cow milk due to its rich quality . From many studies , it has been found that Indian cow milk is amrit for everyone . A1 and A2 has now become the primary benchmark to major the quality of milk now .

A figure of 7.7 billion has been given by U.S. Bureau for human population . Increment of human population straightforwardly lead to interest for food .

Food is the most fundamental element to carry on with a daily existence . As the interest for food has expanded step by step , the food business has extended itself in more ways than ever, what can be the best example than   ” Meat industry ”  in modern time . 

cow killing yet any sort of killing will hurt the planet earth . Individuals from one side of the planet to the other get dairy items or meat from livestock animals .

As per the world record information 2018 , 69 billion chicken, 1.5billion pigs , 302 million steers have been killed . As PPP ( people  purchasing power ) or GDP per capita increments , the interest for food likewise get expanded uncommonly for meat utilization . Yet, we can’t overlook the way that as meat consumption has lead to numerous remarkable infections . Carbon emission is the another component .

As indicated by the OECD information , 80 billion creatures butchered every year to deliver 340 million tones of meat for human consumption . At the point when we talk about beef consumption internationally , then, at that point, its around 129.5 billions pound in 2016 . The protein which a man get from meat is definitely not exactly the protein which a man get from veggie lover food yet at the same time individuals have stuck themselves in the meat consumption .

As my theme is about cow , so I will limit my discussion to cows .I am not just against the killing of  cows but any kind of killing can harm the planet earth in worst possible ways .

Why cows considered as Mother in Indian society

At the point when a kid born , the primary thing a kid need is mother’s milk since it contains a wide range of dietary benefit (like calcium ,phosphorus , rich fats , nutrients , minerals …and so on) which a baby need in the wake of emerging from mother’s belly . To feed a child ,a passionate as well as mental help

too is required which are likewise get satisfied by mother’s milk . Its not difficult to process and furthermore safeguard child from different bacterial contamination .

The main substitute of mother’s milk is cow milk since it contains a similar healthy benefit as mother milk contains . To that end simply cow milk is fitting to born child when mother isn’t in right condition to take care of her child .

Cow milk

It has been researched by numerous researcher that the cow is the main creature which emanate the best energy in their surroundings . Its really great for child as well as for all humanity . Individuals who take milk on everyday schedule ( particularly Indian origin cow ) can never confront powerless bones or some other illnesses . Dairy items have become one of the significant nourishment for individuals . So , cow is the foundation of each general public yet

we have become so voracious that we have begun to torment the cow through the most ideal way . Our

covetousness for meat has become so strong that we have closed our eyes and prepared all the time to hurt the

mother cow . Cow is pretty much as quiet as mother which feeds their kid so , we need to open our eyes and

begin to give regard to our mother cow .

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Why Hindus  Worship holy cows ???  

There is spiritual , as well as scientific reason to worship Indigenous cow in India .In India cow is considered as tremendously sacred and worshipped by a huge number of Hindus . First , let us go through the  lens of spirituality .

As whole realize that Krishna is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu , Krishna has been continuously seen with cows . He considered  cows as goddess .

. He used to play flute around mother cows which give them immense calm . Also when you treat cows with incredible love then there is a chemical called oxytocin produce in mother cow’s body which is responsible for letting cow to deliver milk. So , how we treat a cow involves concern since they also have feeling as comparative as human have . In the event that they are not  treated well ,then, at that point, oxytocin get stopped and extremely less milk will get to human .

Worshipping Indian Cow

 A wide range of dairy items been utilized in different Hindu rituals . Like – Ghee is utilized in Yajna ( sacrificial Fire) and yogurt is utilized to do Abhishekam of God and Goddess . Rishi Vashisht as Hindu sacred scripture has a cow named as Kamdhenu who is viewed as Goddess  who can meet all

the desires of food . Its been said that all gods reside in Kamdhenu .

What are the benefits of cow dung and Urine 

Wastage produce from Indigenous cows urine and cow dung are really not a wastage but treasury for mankind .

As per Ayurveda text like – Charak Samhita ,Atharveda , cow urine has incredible medicinal power . Scientists from Junagadh Agriculture University , it has been observed that one liter of cow urine contain around 3-10 mg of gold traces . The gold in urine  is in salt structure . It delayed down the course of joint pain . Cow urine prevents Diabetes , sickness , bulging ,thyroid , cancer growth , stomach torment , make your body poison free .

Cow urine is getting utilized as a medicine in all aspects of India and outside India as well . Blending right proportion of cow urine , neem leaves , cow dung with water can be utilized as rich manures for developing vegetables .  chemical fertilizers have taken away the natural nutrients from soil and made it dead . Stop involving chemicals in your territory otherwise it will ruin your farming and will never get chemical free vegetables to eat .

Cow compost in biogas plant is utilized to give gas to cooking and lightning as well . In dry season native cow excrement can do ponder by changing the dry spell region into useful soil.

Cow manure is utilized in cooking food and furthermore utilized in wedding rituals . In villages, individuals used to wipe their floor by utilizing cow dung with adding little water in it . By doing this , the bugs , mosquitoes and other undesirable flies don’t settle there . The gas let out of burning  dry cow dung sanitizes air and increment the oxygen level .

Panchgavya is produced by mixing cow manure , cow urine, Yogurt , milk in right extent is being utilized as a medicinal treatment . By products of Cow is likewise utilized in making soap , shampoo , body cream and other cosmetic items which are presently very high in demand . Ghee , Yogurt , Butter are the one more by results of cow’s milk which are truly useful for human wellbeing .

Any Yajna without ghee isn’t finished according to scriptures . Ghee is the by product of butter  . In India , Ghee is included in our every day schedule . Consuming Ghee either mixting it in Daal or chapaatis or putting  it in milk is ordinary in each Indian houses . Its a rich source of omega 3and omega 6 . It balance cholesterol in our body . Its likewise plentiful in Vitamin A, E , D which keeps away from heart infections .

Ghee additionally supportive in increasing the eyesight and furthermore gives moisture to our body when apply on skin . When diyas get lit which is loaded with ghee , then, at that point, it kill the microorganisms present in air and refine the air .

Economy can boost simply by taking care of Indigenous cow . Having local cows can bring huge changes in our general public . Government should show significant initiative to save Indian cows from butchering .

Why Beef should be Banned 

There are many controversy floating in media whether beef should be banned in India or not . Many parties have made it a political war . But just separate it from political drama and you will have greater idea why beef should be banned .

Cow is called as Mother in Indian society so , do you find it right to slaughter your own mother just for shake of underpinning someone or for money . Try to think as a ordinary man / woman , you will realize that what sin people are committing by slaughtering cows .

The mother which nourishes us are going through so much of pain but we have become so selfish that we are ready to kill them for the shake of money . If this slaughtering is not stopped then from where you will get milk , from where you will get ice-cream  , from where you will get yogurt , from where you will get butter ?? Just try to think about it . By doing this you are not just killing the cows but also killing your own generation . I don’t want to go in political drama because its never ending process . Public should come in front and call for ban on beef  otherwise nothing is going to stop this barbaric crime happening in society .


How many liters of milk a indigenous cow produce in a day ???

Indigenous cow usually produce 2 -3 liters of milk daily .

How much urine and cow dung is produced by native cows ??

Cow urine 7-8 liters and cow dung 10- 15 liters daily .

Name some Indigenous cows ??

Red Sindhi , Tharparkar , Gir , Rathi , Sahiwal are the some indigenous cows in India .

What are the features of Indigenous cow?

Indigenous cow can survive in extreme temperature , there is a hump on its shoulder , long ear , can birth 15 -20 calves in her life span .

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