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BHAGVAT GITA is a holy sacred writing of vedic culture . It’s anything but a folklore yet it’s our actual history which had happened millennia prior . I’m introducing a concise portrayal on how everything began and why “A War of Mahabharata occurred ” where Bhagwan krishna narratted Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna .

” Mahabharata ” in a real sense implies ” Great Bharata ” which discusses its country and civilization .

Presently Bharata known as “INDIA” to us . It was a country then, at that point, managed by King Bharata and his relatives.

The tale of this epic( bhagwat Gita ) is around two fighting cousins brothers , Kauravas and Pandavas . Dhrtarastra , the visually impaired lord of Hastinapur and father of 100 Karavas siblings , was the sibling of ” Pandu” whose kids was the 5 pandavas . It’s an account of battle between cousins

Since Dhrtrasatra was visually impaired , Pandu was the lord of Hastinapur . Pandu was reviled by a wise that he would bite the dust assuming he at any point gone through any actual realtionship with his spouses . He along these lines had no kid . VYASA says that every one of the five Pandavas brought into the world to their mother Kunti and Madri through the gifts of Divine creatures . Pandu gave over the realm to Dhrtrasatra and resigned himself to wander in woods .

Kunti had recieved a blessing when she was as yet a youthful unmarried young lady that she could gather any heavenly power voluntarily to Father a kid . Just to check whether or not it works , she tried her help . The sun GOD came before her . What’s more this is the way KARNA was conceived . In anxiety toward social irreverence she will get in the wake of being familiar with this all , she cast the infant away in a stream .YUDHISTRA , BHIMA , ARJUNA were brought into the world to Kunti after marriage by conjuring of her power and twins NAKULA and SHAHDEV , the most youthful Pandava were brought into the world to Madri through Divine ASHVINI TWINS .

” Dhrtrasatra ” had 100 children through his better half Gandhari . The oldest one was DURYODHANA. He had no affection for his cousins Pandava . He made many endeavors to kill the Pandavas with his sibling Dussasana . Kunti oldest child Karna was found and raised by a chariot in the castle and by odd touch of destiny , got his hand together with Duryodhana .

Dhrtrasatra gave YUDHISTRA one portion of the kuru realm , since the Pandava ruler was the legitimate beneficiary of the privileged position that his father Pandu has emptied .Yuddhistra managed from his new capital INDRAPRASTA , alongside his siblings BHIMA , ARJUNA , NAKULA AND SAHADEVA .Arjuna won the hand of princess DRAUPADI , girl of the lord of Pancala , in a swayamvara , its a military challenge wherein sovereigns battle for the hand of princess . In satisfaction of their Ma (mother) KUNTI’S that  sibling will share everything similarly , Draupadi turned into the spouse of each of the five Pandavas ( NOTE – There is a hidden tale behind how and why Draupadi turned into the wife of every one of the five Pandavas )

Duryodhana pursuaded Yudhistra to join a betting meeting , where his guile uncle crushed the Pandavas ruler . Yudhistra lost all that he claimed – his realm , his better half , and different things as well …Dussasana disgraced Draupadi openly by attempting to undress her . The pandavas siblings and his significant other Draupadi had to go someplace far off, banished for good for 14 yrs .

Toward the finish of the 14 years , the Pandavas siblings attempted to recover their realm . In this work , they were helped by Bhagvaan KRISHNA , the lord of the yadav family , who is viewed as the eighth heavenly manifestation of VISHNU . Anyway Duryodhana would not give even a creeps of land to the Pandavas . Thus , the extraordinary conflict , the conflict of ” MAHABHARATA ” occurred . In this conflict , different leader of the country lined up with one or other of these two faction , Kauravas or Pandavas .

Krishna was proposed to join both of the two group . One of you might have me unarmed . I won’t participate in the fight . The other can have my whole Yadav armed force . At the point when the proposition was first made to Duryodhana he picked the Yadav armed force . Arjuna euphorically and appreciatively picked his companion and Mentor to be his unarmed charioteer .

The militaries collected in the field KURUKSETRA , Now in the province of Haryana . All the lord and sovereigns were connected with one another and remaining inverse side . Here the KRISHNA exchange with ARJUNA is the substance of BHAGVAT GITA .

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A debt of gratitude is in order for visiting ambila dharma .This portrayal is motivated by my master known as Swami ji and give me your remark assuming you like my substance.



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