Historical background of Pushpak Vimana in ramayana| real or myth

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” Vimana ” not mere a word but compiling whole science in it which is not an easy task to digest or to understand .The same way , India is not just a country of diversity but also a country of a mysterious world. Like : –  mysterious individual ,  mysterious ancient Temples, mysterious ancient Technology , and what not.

Pushpak Viman in Ramayana was once considered to be a myth or just an imagination of ancient Rishi or Guru but when Maharshi Dayanand of Arya Samaj wrote a book “ Rigvedabhashyabhumika “ which talks about Flying Machine of Ancient India ,  then great scientists of his time got amazed to know the amount of deep knowledge inscribed in the book .  They accepted the great knowledge of Hindu rishis which later spread all over the world .

In the manuscript of Maharaja Bhoja  there is mention of vimana which could fly from the use of Mercury . NASA  too  has given an indication of making aircraft using Mercury . It could be possible through a Mercury vortex engine. 

There were many other Acharyas or Rishis way earlier than Mahrshi Bhardwaj who had written manuscripts on vimanas . And their Narayanmuni ,  Shaunak ,  Garg , Vachaspati etc .

Some people of today’s world are trying their best to unveil this mysterious world but it’s not an easy task to  unravel these mysteries  because many of the  technologies used in ancient time were the combination of Mantras and many other things to  invoke  the energies to make Extraordinary objects .

 No , I am not joking because it has been proven  many times that mantras are very powerful Which connect you to cosmic energy of the universe . But due to multiple invasions in India which led to the loss of these technologies . 

Vimana in ancient India

The literal meaning of vimana is a Vehicle which can fly like birds and can easily travel from one place to another , through one Island to another and from one loka (dimension) to another loka .

One of the most ancient technologies which was lost , is the technology of “Vimana “ . When we talk about flying machines or airplane the first thing which comes to our mind is the name of the Wright Brothers Who were the pioneers of aviation ( 1903 ) . But is that true ? Perhaps , NO .

Vimana is one of the most debatable topics  since the time  G.R . Josyer translated the “ Vaimanik Shastra “ In English in 1952 . Vaimanik Shastra was written or recorded by Subbharya Shastry as dictated by Maharishi Bhardwaj  through telepathy . 

G.R . Josyer was the founding director of International Academy of Sanskrit research in Mysore . When he read the  vaimanik Shastra , He was completely shocked that Hinduism has a text which is wholly based on Aeronautics and much earlier than the time of wright brothers .

“ Vaimanik  Shastra “  has 3000 slokas in 8 chapters which describe the construction of vimanas .

According to  the manuscript “ Rahashya-Lahri “ , there are 32 secrets of the working of the vimana  and a pilot should must have imbibed themselves with these  knowledge and also have the complete  understanding of the Structure of the aeroplane, know the means of its take off ,climbing to the sky and how to stop when necessary .  

These 32 secrets are Mantrika, tantrika, Kritaka, Goodha, Paroksha ,Antaraala,Drishya,Adrishya,aparoksha,suroopa,Kriyaagrahana,Mahaashabda,chaapala,sharpa-gamana,parashabda-graahka,roopaakarshana,langhana,Jyotirbhaav,pralaya,taara,,vistrita,sankocha,virup-karana.etc.


According to “ Mantraadhikaraa “ , a pilot can invoke the mantras of Bhairavi, Veginee,chinnamasata etc and acquire the power of Visible and invisible,ghutika and padukaa . Through Bhuvneshwaari mantra and other spiritual practices , one can have the spiritual power to construct vimana in such a way that it can’t be destroyed.


According to “ Sowadaamine kalaa “ a pilot can hear the talks and sounds of the enemy’s vimana through a specific sound capturing yantra .

Pushpak Vimana

Pushpak Viman comes under  Mantrika Vimana . The divine architect  “ Vishwakarma “ created this Pushpak Viman for Brahma ji  which later  came to “ Kuber “ ( the wealthy God ) . Then finally ,  it was snatched by  Ravana . This pushpaka vimana was able to fly anywhere in the world .  The vimana  was accomplished With great aircraft techniques . 

After victory in Lanka ,  Vibhishana requested Ram and Lakshman and all others to reach Ayodhya as soon as possible through Pushpak Viman and here he described the power of Pushpak Viman . 

After reaching Ayodhya ,  Ram chose to send this Pushpak Viman to the real owner  who was  Kubera .  He requested pushpaka vimana to  go to the  “ Alkapuri “  ( the abode of Kubera ) . But Kubera returned it to Rama and did the service for Rama . 

Ancient Vimana as per Vimana Shastra

Vaimanika shastra talks about metallurgy ,  mechanical engineering ,medicines , Hi-Tech design and many more things . An  aviator  should know 32 techniques to fly vimanas .   Special kinds of diet and clothing were used by aviators .

vimanas were much bigger than today’s submarines . These vimanas had the technology of remote views , view remote images , had the capacity to create terrifying sound , and become invisible . 

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Work of modern scientists on vaimanika Shastra

Senior scientist , CSR Prabhu From Hyderabad reinvented many Technologies based on Vaimanik Shastra and  other vedic texts written in Sanskrit .

Many experimental investigations have been done and also some are going on according to what is mentioned in vedic text .  Through experiment , scientists concluded that some materials of that time had some  specialities which is missing in modern times

 Scientists or great rishis  of that time had the knowledge of “ Rasa Vidya “ and knew how to deal with Mercury in different ways like : healing And human spiritual development and also in  Aeronautical propulsion .

 And also had the power to generate electricity from the Sun (probably through mantras ) and use that electricity  in moving Mercury within a circular spinning closed container . 

Mercury vortex assembly which is electrified to produce lifting properties and incorporated into some kind of airframe . 

 Unhappily  to say that this knowledge is missing in modern times  but still there are many things available to the people which can be  reinvented . 

A man named  Shiv Kumar Bapuji Talpade who was the great scholar in Sanskrit and Vedas , flew an unmanned Airplane named  “ MarutSakha “ in 1895 . This great man managed to take off the airplane based on vimana Shastra , In Mumbai Chowpatty beach . 

Some newspapers of that period  published this uncommon incident in their respective newspapers . In 2004 ,  Times of India published an article mentioning the name Velkar Who quoted the  statement of one of Talpade’s students  “ An unmanned Flying Machine flew for a few minutes in the sky and came down to the earth “ . 

NASA has already started working on Vaimanika Shastra . Till now they have successfully used Mercury vortex engines by ionizing the Mercury gases As per the Vaimanika Shastra . 

There are big lobbies in India which are always ready to ridicule everything related to Sanatan Dharma  or Hinduism  but the thing is that people who have understood the importance of great knowledge mentioned in our shastras and Vedas are using it continuously and taking the patent of it . 

We are in a big loss of our own knowledge because outsiders Using our knowledge and at the same time ridiculing our culture . 

CSR Prabhu has proven it right through his reinvention that vedic text like vaimanik shastra and others can be used to reinvent the most advanced technology which were present at that time  . 

His reinventions are Vakra Prasarana Yantra , agni stambhana , Tamogarbhaloha ( a lead alloy capable of absorbing light ) , Panch loha ( highly malleable ) , Araara Tamra ,  Glasses like Chapala grahaka , Ushna Shakti Apakarshana darpan , Ravi Shakti Apakarshana darpan , 

Badhira loha ( a sound proof alloy ) , Raja Loha , Vidhyut Darpan , Rutika Mani , Abhra Mrid Darpan , Pingala adarshan , Somanka Loha , Sunda Mrit Kacha . 

The  shocking part is that Plant based medicine has also come into the picture . Specific kinds of Indian grasses have been found which are rich in protein Which is aimed at producing low cost  products  like biscuits , malt etc . 

Professor Sharon  invented Chumbak Mani through deeply analysing the vaimanik Shastra . 


The Indian scientists of modern time should dig deeper In vedic text to grasp more knowledge  about ancient technology which were much more advanced than modern time Otherwise outsiders will use this knowledge against us .

And this is not a hidden thing that  scientists of other countries are using our Vedic knowledge to get advanced .  

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