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Jogendra Nath Mandal resignation letter was like a thunderstorm and heart-wrenching for every Indian .The way he had explained the exploitation and killing of Dalit Hindus in his resignation letter was a shocking  revelation . The kind of treatments Hindus were getting in Pakistan compelled him to resign from his post as a law minister and came back to India for rest of his life .

who was Jogendra Nath Mandal

Jogendra Nath Mandal was a great dalit leader who was born in Bengal but unfortunately was the one who is also called as one of the founding fathers of Pakistan  . His resignation letter from the post of Pakistan law minister is one the most shocking revelation ever happened .

Jogendra nath Mandal was of the belief that  scheduled caste Hindus and Muslims can live together happily and can make a good society but his illusion of making good society  with Muslims sooner became a nightmare for him  after three years of living in Pakistan.

 Hindus of scheduled caste  and Muslims living in India were Educationally and financially backward .  He had no affection for joining  Indian National Congress (INC) , So the only option left to him was to join the Muslim League whom he Considered a better option for  schedule caste Hindus . 

Jogendra Nath Mandal history

Without support of  J.N. Mandal ,  Muslim League would never had been  succeeded in making Pakistan . Muslim League had realized it very soon and that  was the reason they approached him and asked to join Muslim League in  February 1943

After which he started to work with them in the Bengal Legislative Assembly With some conditions .  like :  Three Scheduled caste ministers in cabinet , granting money for the education of scheduled  caste people and some Other things too. At that time , Khwaja nazimuddin was the head of the Muslim League . 

Jinnah was  the leading muslim leader. After giving support to the Muslim League ,  Jinnah  became one of his close friend because Jinnah  had given him the   assurance of fulfilling his promises after partitions . 

When  “cabinet mission plan” rejected the idea of  partition on the basis of religion  , then Muslim League started to show  their anger , Jinnah called out for the “ The direct action day “ Which is also known as “  the great calcutta  killing “ happened in 16th August 1946 , Which finally resulted in killing of lakhs of Hindus

The Killing of Hindus was so Spooky or fearsome  that no one can imagine it . Hindu Bodies were torned apart , many Hindus were thrown into fire to burn alive ,  Hindu women were  raped and killed brutally  and so on . The List is like a never ending process. 

After seeing  it , he was filled with tears but still he was of the belief that his caste people will  get more freedom and love from believer of Allah even after  losing  many of his own close scheduled caste people in that Holocaust

The voice of J.N. Mandal for making Pakistan was too loud and clear, So he continued his support to  Muslim League and also succeeded in convincing schedule caste people that they will be more happy with people who follow the path of Allah in Pakistan . 

Muslim League knew it very well that his support can become one of  the backbone for them in creating Pakistan so  they don’t want to lose him and used him as a puppet So that they get what they want . With the desire to not lose J.N. Mandal ,Mr. Suhrawardy offered him a seat in the interim  Government of India in oct 1946 . 

Jogendra Nath Mandal and Dr B.R. Ambedkar

Dr BR Ambedkar had tried his best to  convince him to  not support the Muslim League and dropped the idea of creating Pakistan because Ambedkar had felt  very earlier that Hindus have no scope  in Pakistan and will be killed very soon. 

Though ,  Ambedkar had gone through  many unfavourable situation for being dalit but he still felt  that Schedule Caste people or dalits have much more bright  future in India than Pakistan .  He Knew it very well that Islamic extremists are not going to accept them at any cost and Can never live happily with Hindus. 

But  J.N. Mandal Did not accept this  truth and  continued his support to Muslim League . 

Partition of India 

Finally , Pakistan was created on 15th August 1947 and Jogendra Nath Mandal became the first law minister in Pakistan and he was of the feeling that Soon , all his promises will be fulfilled . 

But He went into shock when Khwaja  Nizamuddin Started to avoid his own  promises on taking 2 scheduled castes in the East Bengal cabinet . Soon he started to realise that the league  had  started to disrupt the scheduled caste Federation in East Bengal . Sooner , he got a sense  that that Thought of living peacefully with Muslims was just his illusion and nothing more .

But still he didn’t give up And  had continued his fight for scheduled caste  Hindus rights But he didn’t get Success in Uplifting the Schedule Caste .  The situation of scheduled caste  Hindus  became more and more dreadful . 

 Migration of Hindus during Partition

Reason of Jogendra Nath Mandal resignation letter

  • The  first incident which shook him completely after becoming law minister in Pakistan was when a false case registered on Namahsudras by a Muslim of attrocities in Digharkul , near Gopalganj . Without any enquiry ,   police went to Namahsudras and started to beat them . 
  • The local people also joined the hand and started to beat the whole family and made their lives hell and also snatched everything they had . 
Migration during Partition of India
  • After this , police started to oppress Hindus in every possible way and also took their houses and gave it to local muslims . 
  • He had described the  atrocities on people who follow different Gods in his Resignation letter . He also described  about the hindu women who were passed on by muslims to military so that they can fullfill their physical desires and also had been raped  multiple times . There were no limits to atrocities on Hindus . 
  • After seeing many atrocities on Hindus ,  he was made to believe that there is no end to it  and his support for creating Pakistan was his  utter nonsense idea . The people of Pakistan were of the belief  that Pakistan belongs to Muslims and this is Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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  • The situation for Hindus in Pakistan was nothing less than a nightmare  for him .  He was not able to tolerate this many atrocities on non believer of Allah . He did his best to stop these atrocities but there was no one  to listen to him.
  • Finally ,  he decided to return back to India and live the rest of his life in his native place . So on 8 October 1950 , he gave his resignation letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan , Liyakat Ali And moved to India . 

Jogendra Nath Mandal last days

After returning back to India , he started to live in the state of west Bengal . The area in which he spent his last days was incapable of even fulfilling the basic necessity which were required to live a life but still he found peace and no atrocities here .

He didn’t get that much support and love from Indian people because he was the one who had  supported the idea of Pakistan .People used to see him with an angry eye . But still he felt so relaxed in India . Finally ,he died on 1968 .

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