Indian lifestyle

 Introduction of Indian lifestyle

Indian lifestyle has drawn attention of many so called developed countries .

Since ages , India has been the center- point of everyone’s talk . People

wonder that after multiple invasions “ How India has been  surviving without

Losing its oldest civilization ? “ . India is the only  country which has the oldest

civilization .

 Civilization defines the lifestyle of any country .

From time to time , India has been changing a lot but one thing which remains

with Indians is its simplicity . Simplicity is the best jewel to  characterize anyone’s

behaviour . Indian people are known for their simplicity .

The lifestyle of Indian people is so generous  that anyone can get attracted towards

it . Cinema is one example of  showing any country’s lifestyle to the whole world .

As we know  , Indian cinema is getting more popular day by day around the world .

People living outside India have the  curiosity to know about the Indian lifestyle . 

Now let us start our journey to discuss the lifestyle of Indian people .

 India always talks about its tradition and culture . Since ages ,  women in India used

to wear  Saari and men used to wear kurta and dhoti  or churidar pajama. The unmarried

girls used to wear suits with dupatta and these are the part of Indian lifestyle.

These are the  common dresses  worn by  Indian people . But you will be surprised to

know that in India every state has its own traditional dresses . India has 28 states till

now and these traditional dresses are worn by Indian people  occasionally .


Fashion in India

 Since ages , Bharat has been a country of fashionable accessories . Temple is the

best example of knowing  the traditions and culture of India and Indian lifestyle . 

When you  visit an ancient Indian temple , you will see the carvings of  women

on the wall of the temples .

In these carvings ,you will  notice how women  carry fashion with themselves .

Wearing high heels  ,having Kajal on eyes , Bangles in hand .  These carvings also

  represent the great architect of  ancient Indian temples  .


 Wearing fashionable lehenga ,  specially in weddings , Wearing maang- tikka on

head ,  Kamar bandh ,  anklet ,  bangles , nathiya Aur nose pin ,  gives a WOW

moment to any bride . 

 When we talk about the accessory market in India,  you will find that it has grown

tremendously  year by year with Indian lifestyle . In 2014,  accessory market in

India observed around 3.4 billion US dollar and has been estimated that it

will have the CAGR Of 12% and market of 10.6 billion US dollar by the end of 2024 . 


The category in which we put the accessories are as follows :-

 fashion jewellery,  eye wear ,  time wear , shawl   scarves ,  bindi ,   Maang tikka ,

  bangles ,  lehenga ,  suit with dupatta, Pagdi for men And many more . Meesho ,

Sheroes , Shop101 are App to buy Indian clothes . 


 Many countries are becoming the importer of  Indian fashion accessories . They get

fascinated with Indian lifestyle like Indian clothes and want to wear it. This is also an

opportunity for Indian companies to generate huge revenue out  of it


Indian food – Indian Lifestyle

 Talking about India  without mentioning Indian food is like doing  injustice to

someone. So, Indian lifestyle have also attracted foody people. 

People  around the world are big fans of Indian food . Every state in India has its

own traditional food . There are 28 states in India and every state has its own

flavour of food . Mentioning some Indian food State wise :-


  1. In Punjab , sarson da-saag  And lassi
  2. Chennai people like to eat Idli with sambar,dosa, chutney
  3. Gujarat –  Thepla, Khandvi, dhokala
  4. Rajasthan – daal bati churma ,  Gatte
  5. Uttar Pradesh – Kabab, biryani,  Banarasi chaat
  6. Jharkhand – thekua ,  Pitha
  7. West Bengal – Rosogolla ,  Mishti Doi
  8.  Delhi –  Chhole bhature , Chat, tandoori chicken, paraathe  

In India, most of the things  are worshipped as god or goddess and that is also

the part of Indian lifestyle .Be it a river , Mountain , tree  ,  crops . India is a

country of spirituality .

In every Hindu houses of India , people do daily rituals  like lightning Diya in front

of deities , Reciting Mantras . People in India usually used to take Morning bath

before taking the food .

After taking the morning bath ,they go to Puja Ghar  to do the rituals . The most

common Mantra  recited by Indian people during Puja is “ Om Bhur Bhuvah

svah tat savitur varenyam bhargo Devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodayat “

This is Gayatri Mantra written in sanskrit which is taken from Vedas .

These Mantras have the power to connect with the Cosmos  and it has been

scientifically proven . 


 Since ages our Enlightened Masters  have the expertise to connect with the

Cosmos through reciting  many Mantras. It’s  the responsibility of the new generation

to Carry and pass on these Indian lifestyle  to the coming generation So that we

don’t  lose our tradition and way of living Indian Lifestyle .


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How is the lifestyle of Indian people ?

People in India believe to live life with simplicity . Common men used to wear shirt

and paint while women used to wear saari and unmarried women suit with dupatta ,

kurti ,jeans , lehenga on occasion . The street food in India is world famous for its

unique taste . every state has its own street food . Though the common food which

you can see are samosa , jalebi , chaat ,Panipuri . People in India used to go temples

on regular basis to take the blessings and experiencing the sanctity of the temple .

Is India a nice place to live ?

Yes . off course . You can see the diversity in India unlike other countries . There are

many people outside India came to visit in India but the beautiful tradition and

culture compel them to reside forever in this country . The love from native people

they get here is unmatchable when compare to other countries . The extraordinary

architect of temple , the science through which temples are managed , the different

languages make them to think how wonderful the culture is .

what are the facts about Indian culture ?

1. In India , gold is a part of Indian culture that is why you will notice women

in India have the largest collection of gold when compare to other women

living outside India . 2. Indian used to worship everything which is provide by nature .

Like – river , mountain , trees , books , sun , moon , air , fire and so on .




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