What is the identity of India ?


     India’s identity lies in ancient India which was based on pure science . India is a country of diversity .when someone ask ” who are you ” then , usually we start to introduce ourselves with our name and 

from where we are or belongs to and possibly our parents name and about our professions. This is how we introduce ourselves with others . But how you will response to the people who ask you “ WHAT IS 

THE IDENTITY OF YOUR COUNTRY? “ 😱😱😱   How many of us are able to answer this question fluently. As per my guess , only few of us will be able to do it fluently. What is the reason behind it ? Isn’t it an embarrassment for us that we are not able to answer it after so many of years passed ? 

               Our ” BHARAT” is the most ancient country in the world which is still alive with its Dharma or its oldest civilization . India is known by great warriors and great enlightened person like Chatrapati Shivaji , Sambha ji , Rani Lakshmi Bai , Lord Krishna , Rama , Swami Vivekananda , Sri Arbindo and many more . 

that is ” SANATAN DHARMA ” OR ” HINDUISM “. Sanatan means that has no end . Its timeless .

There are many yugas which get passed but one thing which remains with us is our dharma . In the warfare of Kurukshetra , when KRISHNA asks arjuna ” Why your hand is shaking for waging a war against Kauravas . Then arjuna replied ” as they are my relatives , how can i start a war against them.

Krishna response beautifully ” It doesn’t matter against whom you are waging a war ,but completely depends on which cause you are waging a war .As per kshatriya , your hand should never get shaken in lifting weapons against adharmis . It’s your responsibility to protect your dharma. And this is followed by our great warriors  like Chatrapati shivaji , Maharana Pratap , Sambhaji Maharaj and many more .Numbers are countless

              India is not limited to just its culture and different kinds of speaking languages . Its beyond that. When I say ” In Mahabharata , the most advanced weapons were used ” then most of you will start to mock me. Isn’t it .. But this is a fact .we were highly advanced at that time . The only thing is that , our fake historian  and the britishers never want to get us aware of this fact. And somehow , our goverment was also responsible . 

              Go and visit ancient TEMPLE” specially in south . you will get 1000s of evidences which is carved on the walls of mandir . Mandir is not just a place of worship but its a place of knowing the kind of technology used by our ancestors in there peroid .In ancient India Temple was considered to be the epic center of great Knowledge . These are the place which actually works on inner engineering of the body means it works on the chakras which is responsible for the living body and dosha occur in our body . Great Knowledge can be revealed by revealing the concept of the temple . “OUR   MANDIR   DEPICTS   THE  HISTORY OF OUR BHARAT ” . The sad part is that we have lost the technology due to muslim invaders . After then , the history get buried down deep by britishers by using fake historian and anti – hindu elements .Truth get butuchered by them with every possible conspiracy . 


          BHARAT’s contibution  to the world is countless . Most of the technology and numerous things get stealed by britishers and flaunting it as theres by patent or taking the copyright of it . We are getting looted from decades and the most unhappiest part is that we are not aware of it. all thanks to bollywood and media and mentioned one . 


     Now , it’s our responsibility to stand for dharma and feel proud of it by awaring others with this truth .

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