Is India still colonized ??

Why was India Invaded multiple Times???

The first Islamic invasion  in India was done by Mohammad bin Qasim in 7th century . After this invasion , India was invaded multiple times . But the question arises why was India invaded so many times??

There was a time when India was known as ” BHARAT” . Still we know India as Bharat but somehow ” INDIA” word became more popular . Thanks to British ruler who became successful in erasing Bharat Identity . Before Invasion India was known as ” GOLDEN BIRD ” . And this name was given to India because India was the most richest country in the world .

India had everything . Best Universities , Best Gurukul , best economy and what not . India had everything but didn’t try to invade any other country by force and imposing their faith forcefully on others and this is what Spirituality teaches us . . And that is what made our India incredible . To loot the ” BHARAT” was the only sole intention of Invaders . As the invasion started , we also started to loose our identity . Invaders broke our “TEMPLES ” , UNIVERSITIES , DESTROYED GURUKUL and almost everything which embraced Bharat . And when British came , they gradually started to loot India and gave the sense that they are the one who civilized us  . They ruled India over two centuries

Are we still colonized??

   Macaulay was the person who ruined our education system . When he completed his study on India then he realized it very well that it is education system which has made India the world richest country . Without collapsing the education system its is impossible to rule India . So they started to demolish the Gurukul education system and established their own education system and from then,  the English language became the symbol of status . Racism came to India , Indians were tortured for being Indian .

British became the superior in all aspect and Indians became the lower one . We were made to believe that we are lower than them . This is how they colonized our mind . Still we are struggling with it because our education system is still based on Macaulay . Apart from that the whole history of India which are still taught in India is written by their fake historian . These are the breaking India forces which are always ready to disgrace India .

Education is the base of any country because the future generation will behave the way they are taught in School . When your whole syllabus teach you against your own country day in and out while the same syllabus teach you the greatness of the invaders then how could you think that the future generation will have proud on their own country . Colonised mind of any country will only spit venom against their own country and they will have no shame in downgrading their own country .

Still after Independence , we are colonized . Our mind is being captured by western world . We always try to copy their lifestyle , their culture . There is no problem in learning the cultures of other country but at the cost of denigrating your own culture can never suit anyone else . Youngesters are the first one who are always ready to follow them irrespective of what is wrong or right . India is the oldest civilization which is still surviving and it is our responsibility to maintain it . But this is possible only when we are taught our true history . For this , government should take action to change the education system so that our children feel proud to be Indian . Now India is a country of Youth which means that Indian Youth have chance to make great changes in Bharat for the betterment .

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