What is Dharma??

We always get confused whenever someone asks what is the true meaning of Sanatan Dharma . Simply we call Sanatan Dharma as Dharma or Hinduism . Some says Hinduism ( Dharma ) is the way of life  but we don’t find any clarity in it. Sanatan means which has no end . Its endless . Dharma means” whatever we do is either Dharma or Adharma” .
You will be surprised to know that that no word like Dharma is mentioned in our constitution . The only word which is used in constitution is religion . Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism is also included in religion but the fact is Hinduism is completely different from Abrahmic religion . The concept of religion based on one God while dharma or Hinduism have many God and Goddess with complete different phillosphy .
To protect the humanity there is presence of our Hinduism . In this era of “ Kalyuga ” we have imbibed ourselves in materialistic life so much that  we forget that we are human . Human is the only form through which Moksha can be achieved .
That is why Human form is considered as a greatest form .  Bhagwan Ram followed the dharma of  respecting the parents and is known worldwide as ” Maryada Purrsottam Bhagwan Ram ” . Pandava followed the Dharma of ” kshatriya” . It is only and only Dharma which always lead the society  .
Sanatan Dharma
How it is different from others religion ??
It’s only Sanatan dharma which says that we born as a divine . In  Other religions like  Abrahmic religion we are born as sinner . We believe in incarnation others don’t . And there are many true  recorded stories have been seen that they are telling about their past life and have proved themselves right too.
We believe in many Gods and Goddess whereas other religion have one . we are many because whatever exist in this world we find them as our God and Goddess . Like – this earth , we called it ” dharti Ma ” who feed us , who take care of us . Agni devta , Vayu devta , Indra dev …..etc .We hindus worship them all .

Philosophy of Hinduism (Dharma )

Hinduism believes in  incarnation and concept of different Gods and Goddesses . When we talk about the body then our body is made up of energy . Yes we can’t see them but we can definitely experience them . When we talk about the awakening of Kundalini that means we are talking about the upliftment of energy in our body . As our Kundalini gets uplifted , we become more profound and  intelligent than ever before .

There are some specific parts of our body where  the energy is uplifted . These energy centres are known as Chakras .

 There are multiple ways through which a man can experience God . It totally depends on you which path you take  to reach the ultimate truth . Moksha ( liberation ) is another basic thing which is ascribed to  Hinduism .

If someone actually wants to know Hinduism then one has to experience it .Just having the theoretical knowledge of Hinduism is not enough . The source of yoga comes from Hinduism  and yoga and meditation are the most popular way to reach the ultimate truth .

Nobody wants to be known as a sinner  but at the same time they perform many unethical works and disobey the divine law ( cosmic law ) . We want to enjoy the fruits of virtue without doing anything good to cosmic law .  One of  the major questions arises why the hell human beings do criminal acts or mischievous things in their life . The answer is “ Desire “ . 

Desire is a strong word which makes a man do sin . A mind can never be quiet .  The mind will go on and on even in a sleeping state . If a normal mind can’t be quiet in sleeping state then how would you expect that your mind would be quiet in an awakening state? So another question arises is that that we can’t achieve liberation in our life ?

 Offcourse we can reach to the ultimate truth . Doing work selflessly and without caring about the fruits of your work can lead you to another dimension of life which is much more powerful than an ordinary life . We need to engage in the kind of work which brings the ultimate truth in our life .

When  spirituality and education goes hand in hand then surely you will become a divine person .We must need to learn the art of doing work without selfishness. This is the way through which we can come close to the self- realization .

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