Why renaming cities in India is a matter of concerned ???


       From people’s mouth we often hear ” what’s there in the Name??” Why is there need to renaming  cities ? Why to waste soo much money to just renaming the cities or roads name ?  

       These are the common questions which runs in our mind whenever we used to watch T.V. news . Let us try to find the core answer from the past .

       Whenever invaders invade any country then , the first thing they do to that specific country is to change its real name to some other name ( renaming cities ) . They start to change the name of cities , port , road’s name and many more things to some other names . And India is no exception . Greek was once a great civilization but was delibarately distorted so that country loose its identity and can be ruled .Many archeological excavation have proved its great civilization way back to 6000 BCE and even more . They also have found the MURTIS of God and Goddess which gives a clear sign that they were worshipper of Murtis . But the main question arises why invaders did that??  The answer is to erase their identity , to erase their existence so that people in future don’t try to loud their voice for their true Nationhood . And this is what happened to India centuries ago . 

Renaming cities

History of changing the cities name ( Renaming cities)

Pre Islamic Arab was vedic or Hindu faith  peoples , Inhabiting the Rab-al-khali region in Saudi Arabia .

Country after country and region after region ,  from Algeria to Afghanistan and Malaysia ,  Turkey and Iran succumbed and surrendered themselves Within few years  before the invading Arabs .  Invaders changed every historical or worshipping place either in tombs and Mosques .  change the name of the States ,  even the name of the country . One of the prime examples of changing the country’s  name is Iran which once was known as Persia ( Who were considered to be the worshipper of  the Sun god) .

Many  in India try to justify the massacre of Hindus by Islamic invaders . The argument which  they  try to put forward is “ If Islamic Invaders had done so many massacres of Hindus then how Hindu is still in majority in India ? “ They will never speak up the truth that  it was because of the staunch resistance of the kshatriya warriors of India for 1000 long years which saved India from these invaders . 

Christian tyranny victimised , say ,one third  part of the world is belighted by Islam while another is by christianity . Both faiths managed to make a clean sweep in devastating Vedic culture  wherever they ruled.They first started to wipe out  all pre- Christian and pre Islamic history . 

Mediaeval muslims  Court Chroniclers Openly and blatantly  used to call  Hindus  as  dogs , wretches ,  infidels ,  thieves ,  Robbers ,  scoundrels etc .  And they are the ones who used to wipe out the identity of any country . 

                   Bharat is one of the countries which has faced many nightmares . It was darkened first by Islamic invaders , then britishers and now by breaking India forces  or by Fake historians . 

                  Opponents always come with the argument for renaming cities or places that Government is trying to erase their identity . Just hold on , no one is erasing any one’s identity . Government is just trying to reclaim those things which were distorted by invaders . Always remember , if a country is not able to protect its existence then they will become extinct in future . That country will be always ruled by others . If we do the same mistake again and again which others did then we will certainly loose our civilization . 


       If the road’s name , cities name will be followed by the name of barbaric invaders like Babur , Bakhtiyar khilji and others name then what you are going to teach your children ..   They were the one who had raped the women , slaughtered men , looted Temples and what not . Bakhtiyar Khilji was one who had burnt the great “Nalanada UNIVERSITY . But still we have a junction name with “Bakhtiyarpur junction” . 



Allahabad to Pryagraj and Mugalsarai to Deen dayal Upadhyaya Jn

   If you think that these barbaric men as your heros then , you must think about who is your enemy ???…. The renaming of states and cities is a try to give respect to our ancestors who sacrificed their life for upholding  the Nation . Name itself describe its culture and civilization . There is no need to politicize this but still it will go on . 













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